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First food supplement rich in 43 ingredients for anti aging

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Reverse ageing just in 5 steps

NoAGE is an innovative product with a unique composition that was created to help fight the main 5 processes that lead to ageing. By managing those processes, ageing can be postponed.

Developed in Switzerland

NoAGE was created based on the theory of Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) by Cambridge University’s biogerontologist dr. Aubrey de Grey. He claims that “the ageing process can be postponed by undermining the main ageing processes and promoting the rejuvenating properties of the body” *.

Innovative product

NoAGE – a complex of 5 product pairs (capsule & vial) in one box. Using them together, each pair fight a different process that causes ageing.


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We are science lovers and innovation seekers. We are also members of society and we grow old like everyone else.   Oxford dictionary defines ageing as “reaching the end of useful life”. To us, it sounds unpleasantly harsh. There are countless numbers of procedures that can make you look younger. But what about the things that will make you feel youthful? We want to give the world the tools to achieve that.

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You will receive your NoAGE no later than November 30, 2020

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